This exquisite and compelling book by best-selling author, Richard Exley, helps readers meet the Savior in a marvelously fresh way. You will see Jesus as you've never seen Him before through the eyes of those who were there.


Readers will see Jesus through the eyes of His mother, Mary. His friend, Simon Peter. His betrayer, Judas. His judge, Pontius Pilate. His executioner, a Roman Centurion. His fellow criminal, a repentant thief.


More importantly, readers will see themselves in all of these portraits—meeting Jesus, experiencing His life, witnessing first-hand His crucifixion, His death, His burial, and His glorious resurrection.


Luminous, vivid, and tender, this is Exley’s most insightful and inspiring book ever!



What readers are saying:


This read is unbelievable! You can't put it down! Take a time to start when you can just "hang on" and get into the depth of the story of the Passion. I have it on my shelf, and will read every Lent!

-- Kathy Rash


As a college student studying the New Testament, I was able to visualize the Passion Narratives and have a deeper understanding after reading this book. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Exley where he presented me a copy of this book and without any words of persuasion; he helped me find my faith that had waned in prior years. I highly recommend this book to all readers. 

-- A. Precella


It is one of the best books I have ever read. A must read!

-- Janet McRae


A great book to give to seeker friends with an amazing presentation of the Gospel throughout.

--Amazon Customer