Encounters With Christ is your personal invitation to experience Christ in a fresh new way. It's more than just a book to be read.  It is an opportunity to experience the transforming power of Jesus in your own life.  Drawing from the canvases of Scripture, history, and tradition, Richard Exley carefully paints these real-life, eyewitness accounts in colors so vivid you'll feel you're there. Through each moving vignette, you will be forever transformed by these candid and personal accounts of individuals who met Jesus face-to-face. If you are ill, may you encounter the Healer. If you are being held back by fear or even in bondage to addiction, may you encounter the One who came to liberate the captives. If you have made some unwise decisions or have lost your way, may you encounter the One who came to seek and save the lost.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, perhaps discouraged, may you encounter the One whose presence will renew your faith and restore your outlook on life.  If you are a worshipper, may you encounter the object of your devotion.  Wherever you are in life, may you be refreshed, restored, and renewed as you encounter Christ as you've never experienced Him before. 


Each chapter includes a Life Lesson that is perfect for personal reflection and small group discussion.