"The Letter" continues the saga of the Whittaker family begun in the "Alabaster Cross." Although Bryan has finally discovered the healing about his father-missionary legend Haerold Whittaker-he continues his struggle to rebuild his damaged relationships with Helen (his older sister) and Carolyn (his ex-wife). Helen is battling her own "demons" as she fights to save her marriage to Pastor Rob Thompson. Although Bryan has turned his back on love-leaving missionary Dr. Diana Rhodes in the wilds of the far western Amazon Basin-He still harbors a desperate hop they can rekindle their lost love. 

A novel of rare beauty-"The Letter"-explores the many splendored beauty of life-joy and sorrow, love and laughter, as well as heart break of hope.

 Print edition available late January or early February, 2021




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" As a boy I lived part-time with my widowed Grandmother.  

Her home had electricity but she didn’t trust it, so she only used it to power her refrigerator.  When darkness fell she lit the kerosene lamp, casting the tiny living room with its braided rag rugs and coal oil stove, in its ambient light.

During those long winter evenings she spun out the story of her life....