“The One-Minute Devotion” is designed for the twenty-first century person who has too much to do and too little time to do it. In sixty seconds Richard Exley will give you a life changing spiritual thought, a relevant verse of scripture, and a sentence prayer that is refreshingly transparent.


Whether you are a new Christ follower or a mature believer, you will receive insights and inspiration to enrich your life.


With those thoughts in mind Richard Exley invites you to join him for one minute each day. Together you will still your hearts before the Lord in order to allow Him to speak into your lives. From time to time, you will feel that the day’s thought, or verse, or even the prayer was written just for you so clearly will it speak to your immediate situation.


On those days you will find yourself returning to the one-minute devotion all day long, maybe all week long. As one reader wrote, “…one minute to read, but food for a week.”