Do not despair! God is with you. That is the faith-affirming message of Strength for the Storm, a map for dealing with the troubles that inevitably arise in our lives.


Using dozens of real-life examples, contemporary and biblical, Richard Exley powerfully demonstrates how God not only guides us through difficult periods but transforms those times into positive experiences for our ultimate good.


Whatever problems you face—death, illness, disaster, broken relationships, betrayal, financial difficulties—Strength for the Storm is filled with practical, Scripture-based lessons that will help you.


Strength for the Storm is an invaluable reference for ministers, counselors, and those enduring a crisis or tragedy.



What Others Are Saying...


Strength for the Storm gave me a new perspective on how to handle tragedy. After reading this book, I feel that I am so much stronger. I was left with the thought that if disaster strikes, I can find peace and comfort in knowing that I have a God who cares and who will never leave me. 


This book made me look back on my life and all the troubles that I have had and re-examine them and see how God really did bring good out of them, even though it didn't seem like it at the time. 


Tracy Lynn Baughman 

Amazon 5 Starr Review




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