Trapped in a world of anger, 29-year-old Bryan Whittaker cannot move on with his life until he takes a journey into his past...a dangerous journey that will lead him into the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest. Instead of the revenge he seeks Bryan finds Diana and through her love he is able to make peace with his past and find redemption.


“The Alabaster Cross” is a deeply human story about the complexities of love between a man and a woman, parents and children, a brother and a sister, and ultimately the transforming power of divine love.


If you’ve ever struggled to heal a broken relationship you will identify with Bryan’s journey as he risks everything to make peace with the father he never knew. 



What others are saying...


“Richard Exley’s insights into human nature and the profound spiritual truths he shares come wrapped in a story of rare beauty. His prose is lyrical but never gets in the way of the story and his descriptions of the Amazon rain forests are so real I felt like I was there. The real strength of the book however is the characters...If you're looking for a satisfying read with take away valueI strongly recommend "The Alabaster Cross."

G. Robert James. author


“If you are looking for a great Christian novel, I highly recommend this book.

You won't be disappointed.”

LMS "Book Worm”


“I received The Alabaster Cross in the mail yesterday and took two breaks to eat.

I finished at midnight. Read it.”

June W. Bare