Written as a series of heart-to-heart letters, best-selling author Richard Exley draws on years of pastoral ministry to give you the comfort of a true friend. You'll draw reassurance from the real experiences of others who have faced devastating loss, and begin to see how hope can one day triumph over grief.


Most importantly, you will discover how the mercy and grace of God provide the promise of eternal life.

Your most difficult questions -- including your doubts about God's goodness, or perhaps His very existence, are fearlessly addressed. Realistic and empathetic insights will enable you to trust God with your loss even though it seems to make no sense.


Long after the flowers have faded and the sympathy cards are tucked away, "When You Lose Someone You Love" will still be speaking peace and promise to your heart. An expression of continuing concern and comfort, it is sure to be your most welcome companion during your journey through grief.



What others are saying...


“When You Lose Someone You Love consists of nine letters each containing stories from the author's life, truths, and scripture references and end with the welcome promise of hope. Each letter reads like a conversation from a friend, touching, and gentle, just what someone who has suffered a great loss needs. Updated and revised, this twentieth anniversary edition features prayers and scripture meditation, as well as a new introduction and a very personal and touching epilogue about the author's own loss - the death of his father. The story gave me chills, and was a look into the author's heart.

If you or someone you know has suffered a loss, this book will provide the comfort and help needed to get through the sorrow. I really liked that this is not a book about grief, but rather feels like comfort from a friend.

-- My Four Monkeys blog "Angie" (Richmond, VA)


"When You Lose Someone You Love was given to my sister upon losing her daughter. She said it made more sense than anything she'd read. I ordered to book to read and felt the same way. We lost a teen daughter in 2001 and I had a lot of books given to us but none as good as this one. This author just nailed it. I will probably buy more to give to others."

--AGSGRAN "luvagoodbook" (Hickory, NC USA)


"Someone recommended When You Lose Someone You Love when my brother died unexpectedly a month ago. I read it & then bought one for my sister and my mother. Also bought one for a friend who had just recently lost a son to suicide. Very comforting in a very difficult situation. Recommend to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved on."

-- Sandy Mills (MONROE, NC,)